Dutch Virtual Office

Your virtual office
in the Netherlands

Want to open your company in the Netherlands, but you are not registered as the resident? We are here to help you!

Dutch Virtual Office is a solution created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Due to the current situation on the real property market and the evident lack of real property available for purchase or rent, there are problems with registering a new ZZP company in the Netherlands. Our offer is an ideal solution to these problems. It is dedicated to both entrepreneurs who are entering the market and those who want to open their company headquarters in the Netherlands.

Where others are helpless, we see room for action.

How can we help you?

Why choose us?

One-day formalities

Within just 24 hours, we will prepare a cooperation agreement for you, as well as an office lease agreement, thanks to which you will be able to register your company in the Netherlands without any problems.

Professionals in one place

With us, you no longer have to look for specialists that you need when running your own business. We work with experts operating in various industries, such as accountants, lawyers, tax advisers, notaries or client acquisition specialists.

A favourable financial offer

Bearing in mind the situation on the market, we can confidently say that we offer you the most favourable terms of cooperation. We offer short contracts including even five –month contracts, and we guarantee low monthly costs, which gives you the opportunity to develop your own business in no hurry!

Join dozens of satisfied customers using Dutch Virtual Office!

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