Getting a BTW / VAT Number in a ZZP company when you are not registered as the resident

If a person opening a ZZP company is registered as the resident in the Netherlands, within up to 14 days from establishing the company, he or she receives a letter from Belastingdienst with a BTW / VAT number assigned. To those who are not registered as the residents, Belastindienst does not automatically issue the above-mentioned numbers. In this case, within up to 14 days from registering the company with KVK, you receive the form – about two weeks after you answer the questions contained in it and attach the documents requested by the office, you receive information that you are not entitled to the assignment of such a BTW / VAT number.

What should you do then? Most people give up, but there is no need for this. All you need to do is to submit an application to another branch of Belastingdienst, responsible for foreigners’ affairs, which is a standard procedure.

After you complete the application and enclose the relevant documents, Belastingdienst assigns you a BTW / VAT number. It usually takes up to 2/3 weeks.

If you need help, you can of course ask us to take care of it. You can then be sure that the BTW / VAT number will be assigned to your company, and in most cases it will happen much sooner – instead of 2 months, it may take only 2 weeks.

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