Starting a ZZP company without being registered as the resident – is it possible?

Yes! It is possible Every person who is not registered as the resident in the Netherlands may open his or her ZZP company.

What is the procedure? You should make an appointment at the KVK (van koophandel cameras). If you are not registered as the residents, you can make an appointment only by phone – unlike people who are registered as the residents in the Netherlands and who can make an appointment online.

If you have already managed to make an appointment at KVK, please make sure that you have the following documents:

  1. Address at which you can register your company in KVK. Dutch Virtual Office will gladly help you with this.
  2. An official document confirming your private address outside the Netherlands. KVK officials take it from the RNI (the Non-residents Records Database). This is the same register with which you applied for your Sofi Number/BSN – then you entered your domicile address in your home country and this address is registered in the Netherlands as your private address. The next step is to confirm the address. You can do this using an official document from your country – but remember that this document must be issued or translated into English or German. Another way to confirm your address is to show a bank statement from your home country. In this case, you do not need to translate it – all it needs to contain is your name, surname and address, which will match the address in the RNI.
  3. You should also prepare the following data:
  • name of the company that has not been already entered into the register. You can check the registered companies on the website or inform the official about the company name during registration;
  • contact details – telephone number and (optionally) e-mail address;
  • a detailed description of the services provided. Based on this description, the official will assign SBI codes (business classification codes) to your company.

We should bear in mind that if you were registered as the Netherlands as the residents in the past and you were deregistered by the owner of the property or you deregistered yourself, and your private address was not given during this procedure, it does not appear in the RNI. In this case, you must first visit the office and enter your current address into the RNI.

After the above-mentioned procedure is completed, the company is already active.

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